Changing the Game

Everything, especially TV, is better when it’s experienced with friends. Unfortunately when a Network / Content Creator streams one of their programs online they are typically broadcasting to an audience of one, meaning that the person watching their show online is typically watching it alone. Why?

With FandomLIVE our content / network partners who embed the Fandom Media Player onto THEIR websites and digital media platforms, will be able to offer their audience a truly social experience by allowing them to watch TV with their friends and family from wherever they are in the world.

Imagine a network being able to capture & curate the social media activity around THEIR content rather then feeding it to other social networks.



The Possibilities Are Endless

FandomLIVE is a patented video chat media player for use on the media platforms of Content Creators, Live Event Broadcasters and TV Networks. The app marries a streamed or televised event with video conferencing technology, creating a one of a kind social TV experience, that allows users from all over the world to watch their favorite streamed or televised events together!



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